Scam Warning

If you believe you have received an invitation to speak at a Conference we are organising then please read on.

Have you received an email something like this?

Grace and Peace be unto you,

We are Pastors (...) of the Oakwood Baptist Church London, United Kingdom.We are writing to invite you to be our guest speaker at next year Glorious Christians and Prayer Conference 2013 .This is a great Kingdom connection that gets us excited the way the lord connects his people all over the world through internet.
 After reading through your profile on (...)The lord has direct us to email you for this assignment .All travel arrangements, speaking fee and Hotel accommodation will be taken care of as soon as you honor this invitation.
You will receive a formal Letter of Invitation and Contract Agreement as soon as you honor our invitation .Kindly provide us cell phone number and mailing address.
Email any questions you may have.Please feel free to visit our website
.More update on this year conference coming soon.
We await your earliest response.
Remain Blessed
Pastor (...)

We are sorry to say that this 'invitation' is a complete fabrication, we are not organising any conferences at the moment, also we would never spell the word 'honour' like that (not to mention the grammar).  If you respond to this kind of invitation then the criminals who are responsible will attempt to extort various fees from you for work permits and the like.  This is basically a variation on the old Advance Fee or Section 419 Fraud (google it if you are unsure), they may be using the correct names for some of our church leaders but the email address and any telephone numbers quoted will probably be false.
We have reported these fraud attempts to UK Police but as you might imagine they receive a lot of reports like this and as the fraudsters are likely to be located overseas there is little they can do.  Please do not respond to these 'invitations' as this only encourages them.  If you have already responded and in particular if you have parted with any money then please contact your local police as you have been the victim of a crime.  If your favourite Christian speaker is advertising that they will be attending a conference here which is not publicised on this web site then please let them know that they are at risk of being defrauded.
We do hope that this kind of fraud attempt will not affect the ongoing global ministry of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.